2015 Seminars

ALL seminars with Suzanne Clothier feature Relationship Centered Training (RCT™), a humane, sensible & effective approach to sharing life with dogs. CEUs may be available for IAABC & CCPDT. SAR-K9 Scholarships are available at most seminars (except CARAT); please ask the hosting group for details. However, please take advantage of these scholarships only once!

CARAT (Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool) CARAT Training Seminars are changing how trainers see dogs, behavior and training. For 2015, several CARAT seminars are scheduled. To learn more about CARAT and how it might help you, click here for INTRODUCTION TO CARAT

HOSTING A SEMINAR with SUZANNE? 2015 is completely booked! We are now booking 2016 dates. For immediate access to complete information on hosting a seminar with Suzanne, click here.

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Seminar Datessort descending Location Title
Nov 1 to Nov 2 Marquette, IA FINDING THE THINK & LEARN ZONE: Helping Your Dog Stay in Balance, Minimize Fear & Anxiety with RCT Techniques
Nov 13 to Nov 15 Chicago IL CARAT 1.3
Nov 16 Chicago IL NEW Seminar: "What's the Problem? Unraveling the Puzzles of Behavior, Training & Performance"
Dec 2 to Dec 4 Bloomfield, CT CARAT 1.1 hosted by FIDELCO Guide Dog Foundation
Seminar Datessort descending Location Title
Mar 14 UK (Somerset area) SEE THE DOG: The Elemental Questions
Mar 15 UK (Somerset area) From Maddening to Maturity: Understanding & Helping the Adolescent Dog
Mar 21 UK (Somerset area) What your dog’s body can tell you
Mar 22 UK (Somerset area) Practical Bones
Apr 10 to Apr 12 New Hope, MN Seminar
Apr 18 to Apr 19 Atlanta, GA Following Ghosts - John Rice
Apr 25 Oakland CA area What’s the Problem? Unraveling the Puzzles of Behavior, Training & Performance
Apr 26 Oakland CA area You Had Me at Sniff: Understanding Dog-Dog Interactions
May 5 to May 6 Bloomfield, CT CARAT 1.2 hosted by FIDELCO Guide Dog Foundation
May 21 to May 22 St. Johnsville, NY CARAT Level I-Intro
May 23 to May 24 St. Johnsville, NY The Reflected Relationship
May 30 to May 31 Pittsburgh, PA Seminar
Jun 11 to Jun 15 Sidney, BC Seminar
Jun 18 to Jun 21 St Johnsville, NY 2015 Annual Trainers’ Workshop
Jul 18 to Jul 19 Reno, NV Seminar
Aug 1 to Aug 2 Virginia Seminar
Aug 15 to Aug 24 NSW & Victoria, AUSTRALIA Multiple locations & topics
Sep 10 to Sep 13 Calgary, AB, CANADA Seminar
Sep 19 to Sep 20 Oswego, NY Seminar
Oct 17 to Oct 18 Kansas City, KS Seminar
Oct 28 to Oct 30 Glenwood, MD CARAT 1.3
Oct 31 to Nov 1 Glenwood, MD Seminars