2014 - Suzanne's schedule is pretty full, but a limited number of in-person consults will be available at her Hawks Hunt Farm. Some seminars that are scheduled have days set aside just for private consultations at or near the seminar site. (Please contact the individual hosting group for details on those appointments, not Suzanne!)  A bit more availability for telephone consultations but still limited.

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In-person consults are ideal for in-depth assessments, hands-on coaching and practical application of the Relationship Centered Training™ solutions for relationship repair, training and behavior modification. The initial session is 2 hours; follow-up sessions can be shorter. You may bring the family, a friend or two, even your trainer or instructor.

These consultations are available at our farm, which is located between Albany NY & Syracuse NY, 20 minutes from the New York State Thruway,roughly 4 hours from Manhattan. Appointments are extremely limited in availability due to Suzanne's 2014 schedule.

Available openings can be found at:

If you've ever wished you could be coached one on one, talk with Suzanne about a puzzling case or specific topics or Relationship Centered Training™ or canine behavior or body language or aggression or teaching or conditioning or raising litters or temperament or... pretty much anything dog, then an in-person consultation may be right for you.

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Telephone consultations are ideal for talking with Suzanne about your dog, and any behavior or training problems. Whether you'd like to tackle the mysteries of butthead adolescents, unravel the complexities of multi-dog households, get some ideas on handling behavior problems, get a new perspective on your relationship with your dog -- whatever!  Each consultation is one hour long. If needed, a longer consultation can be scheduled.

Available openings can be found at:

Reserve an appointment here    Download and read this first: In Person or Telephone Consultations


If you are unable to book an appointment with Suzanne or your need is urgent, please consider the Recommended Trainers listed below. 

Alternately, do a Trainer Search at  The trainers listed at the APDT site are not necessarily recommended by Suzanne. APDT membership or even CPDT certification simply means that the trainer is more likely to have a positive training approach. However, you are cautioned to carefully explore in detail what that trainer's philosophy & techniques may be.

These trainers have worked with Suzanne Clothier for many years and are skilled in the Relationship Centered Training approach and techniques.