Here's a powerful thought from Edith Windsor:

"If you really care about the quality of somebody’s life as much as you care about the quality of your own, you have it made."

Before I began teaching in British Columbia in mid-June, I had a day to be a tourist. I used the opportunity to visit The Raptors in Duncan, BC thanks to a tip from Carole Orr. My friend Suzanne Webb and I set off to spend the day with hawks, owls, falcons & eagles under the guidance of falconer & The Raptors' center staff member Devon Casagrande.

“I wish there were no weeds in our garden!” But as I plucked the offending plants, I realized that my weed-free fantasy would not be a good thing.

Without weeds, how easily gardeners could become complacent, accepting the bounty and beauty without a need to fuss over and, most of all, to protect. Weeds require us to be alert, attentive, contemplative, aware on behalf of our garden.

Robel's Baer Bryant CDThe June 2014 litter of Wulf Spiders (our girl Spider bred to Beowulf vom Wildhaus) are a 7th generation of Hawks Hunt German Shepherds.

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