Dog-Dog Interactions

Go Say HI 1-2-3 for Dog-to-Dog Introductions

This Relationship Centered Training™ (RCT) technique is simple, effective and helps dogs learn to greet each other in brief, low arousal introductions.

Go Say Hi 1-2-3 involves:

  • giving permission (Go say HI!)
  • counting to 3  
  • calling out dog and away from the other dog 

In that 3-second interval, dogs get a lot of information about each other, much as people learn a lot with just a simple greeting and a handshake.

Stop Poking Grandma! What's Fair Between Older Dogs & Puppies

SCENE:  Older woman with a brace on her knee, a cane nearby, and a big jar of arthritis pills clearly visible on the chairside table. She is clearly uncomfortable as she keeps waving away the child who keeps darting in to poke her and then dash away laughing. 

"Help me! I'm being poked and I can't get up!" she cries. The kid pokes her again, laughs; he's having a ball. She swings ineffectively at the kid while muttering a bit under her breath, "you brat... leave me alone!" then louder, "HELP!"

That Darned Dominance Debate

Dog trainers often have a very hard time clearly defining what they mean by "dominance."  Many oddly state that they refuse to "even believe” in the concept, as if it were something equivalent to extraterrestial life forms or leprechauns. I find this puzzling, and a bit disturbing, perhaps because in my view, this "I won't even believe in that!" approach doesn't speak to any thoughtful examination of a complex and sometimes emotionally charged topic.